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About Us

Pankaj Copiers is built around the idea that people should have the choice of availing high quality educational content  at the click of a button via Online. Educational resources are available in geographical pockets with no easy means of accessing them apart from travelling. We aim at bridging this gap & provide hasslefree educational stuffs all over India through our E-commerce platform…

In this endeavor, our goal is to also lower the cost of education and provide you with new tools of learning.

Pankaj Copiers ties up with education providers to create a digital library with meaningful resources which includes gists of Important Notes, Magazines, Coaching compilations & Handwritten notes in HARDCOPY

Pankaj Copiers sources study material from Educational providers, as well as students like you and provides them at the lowest cost possible.

Stay tuned to check out our offerings every weeks!!!

Pankaj Copiers For Educational Institutes…

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Pankaj Copiers for Students…

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